Importance of Books in our Life & Reading in Education Essay and Speech

Importance of Books in our Life

Books are a great blessing. Importance of Books in our Life is too much. They are the essence of men’s experiences of centuries. They are such a precious Legacy as Civilization has bestowed upon Man. Books are the source of knowledge and power. Books provide us information on every subject and enlighten our brain. They are more precious than wealth. They are Our best friends which do not leave us in the lurch. But, Encourage us and teach to overcome hardships with patience and determination. Books teach the lesson of sobriety and seriousness during the time of pleasure and comfort. Importance of Books is very much in our lives.

Essay and Speech on Importance of books:

Good books are useful not only because they are full of scholarly views of learned people who cannot meet. They are also useful because they tell us the things which are necessary for us to know. They are like the pleasant conversation of a sincere friend. Importance of Books is very much in our whole life. The number of books is increasing day by day. We should be thankful for science. That, we can purchase a book by spending a few rupees.This is true that all the books are not good. Some of the books are most poisonous than a Snake and more dangerous than a Scorpion. It is necessary to cover them. The book should be selected wisely and carefully.

Books also strange blessing and having very importance. When the clouds of gloom and sorrow darken our life, they console us with sweet words like a true friend. When friends and relatives leave in the lurch because of our misfortune, they do not desert us. They encourage us and teach us a lesson to overcome difficulties with courage and determination. They are the crux of man’s wisdom of thousand years.

How to Motivate Yourself to Read Books in College:

I am very fond of reading books. Good books are very expensive. The rare books are available in my college library. I mostly spend my spare time in the library. I enjoy the writing and good thoughts of great Scholars. Nowadays, the majority of student do not take interest in reading. Most of the students waste their time in idle talks. I fondness for reading develops in students, our country will make progress very soon. Knowledge is such a wealth as it never ends. These are the Importance of Books.

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