Knowledge is Power and Knowledge is Wealth Quote Essay in English

Knowledge is Power and Knowledge is Wealth

Knowledge is power and Wealth. We get not only material wealth but also spiritual peace through knowledge. It is obligatory for every person to get knowledge in our religion. It is such a thing as none can get perfection in it. Without of a knowledge, a man cannot recognize even himself. And, thus, throughout his life, He remains unaware of his aim of life. By getting knowledge, a man can bring about betterment for himself, his society and Nation. Therefore, we should devote all of the energy for getting knowledge.

                                     ”So many books – So little time”

Knowledge is Power:

Through knowledge, we also get spiritual peace besides material wealth. It is a part of our primary obligations to get knowledge. Every society has made progress on account of knowledge. Knowledge can play an important role in our  progress. We should give more importance to technical education. Knowledge can make a human being the useful citizen of society. An educated person is respected wherever he goes.

Knowledge is Wealth:

It is the duty of all of us to get  education. Today, no honorable profession can be adopted without education.  The people of the past also aware of the need and importance of knowledge. Wealth is not reliable. There is always a fear of its theft. But, knowledge is such as wealth as none can steal it. Knowledge is wealth that increase on spending. Expect this, every wealth decreasing on spending.

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