Village Life Advantages and Disadvantages Role of Government in Villages

Village Life Advantages and Disadvantages Role of Government in Villages

Village life is simple and good. A village reflects a picture of the regional culture and social customs. The village consists of simple houses, narrow paths, and unpaved roads. They are generally simple, sincere and industrious people. They enjoy mutual Co-operation. Their joys and sorrows are common. Occupation of the majority of villagers is agriculture. They grow their crops like their children’s. Village life is full of with new great experience about nature.

Some people think that: Most of the people are illiterate in a village. Villager is connected with their luck. They do not have high ambition. Their only interest is to increase the production of their crops. That’s not correct.       But take only one example: A Farmer is an important member of our society. He gets up early in the morning. He plows the field and grows grain for us. Putting trust in Allah, He sows the seeds. The tiny plant begins to grow in a few days. Farmer water the plant so that they may ripe. Though villagers enjoy a simple, pure, free and peaceful life.

                                     “The village life is a mixed blessing”

Advantages of village life:

Village life has many advantages. There is fresh air, pure food, and brotherhood everywhere. Villagers are simple and straightforward. They perform their duties diligently. There are green trees, vast pasture and flowery bushes everywhere.There is no rush of traffic and no noise so factories.

Disadvantages of village life:

The biggest disadvantages of rural life are. In a village, the facilities of hospital and education are Limited. Also, their living style has greatly been affected by television and automobiles. Their use has changed the values of life in urban as well as rural area. The villager leads a very simple and natural life.They have to face a number of problems.

Role of Government in the village :

The government should take the step to educate Villages. Schools, colleges, and hospitals should be open in a village. New road should be built up to connect villages with important cities. If these steps are taken, villagers will be able to play their role in the progress of the country. In this way, there will be economic progress in the country and country will be prosperous.In Cities, many kinds of colleges and Universities are in the effort of educating humans. Education is the most important element of human evolution and development. Without education, man cannot be better than animals. Education makes man civilized dutiful, patriot and gentle. We should make the sincere effort for the attainment of education in village life.

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