Nuclear Energy Advantages and Disadvantages Essay on Nuclear Power

Nuclear Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Nuclear energy can be used for the Welfare of human beings. It is a misconception that the objective of nuclear energy or merely negative. It can only be used for the destruction of the world. Everything in the world has some good or bad results. It is upon us, in which way we use. Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Power is the gift of modern science.

Advantages of Nuclear energy:

We can generate electricity with nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is such a power of the modern age as cannot be ignored at all. It is a common belief that science is the mixed blessing. There are different advantages and disadvantages of it. Though its advantages are greater than the disadvantages.We are living in the age of science. Every country in the world is trying to make progress in the field of science.  The man has used science for good objectives. He devised many useful things by mean of it.

Disadvantages of Nuclear energy:

But, man has used it for evil objectives too. He has made many destructive weapons by mean of it. Every country wants to keep the most modern weapons. It has brought about a fatal threat to human life. The threat is a big Atomic war. Destruction destructive weapons are the outcome of science. Though the world is trying to resolve the disputed issue through peaceful talk. Even then, The world is on the edge of total disaster. As all the countries are linked together socially, economically or religiously. Now Any war is now the World War.
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