Pak Army Jobs 2018 – Join Pak Army

Pak Army Jobs 2018

Pakistan Army Jobs 2018

Pak Army Jobs 2018 now here Available for you. With current updates on opportunities by. So, How you can Join Pak Army (Pak Fauj to a General)? Pak Army Jobs2018 We are including all required information. Your Age limit, Education, Eligibility and Criteria for Selection. Join Pak Army jobs consists of Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned OfficersA national hero is a man of exceptional qualities. With His selfless and sincere effort, he can mold the fate of his nation. He is a man of spirit. We all Know Pakistan Army is the best land-based service branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces.  Pak Army Jobs 2018 is divided into two main branches. Number one is Arms and Number two is Services by ” Pakistan Official “

You can Join Pak Army Jobs 2018 By Two Ways:

1) After completing: Matric, Intermediate (F.Sc, FA), Bachelors (B.Sc, BA, BS, BCS) and Masters (M.Sc, MA, and MBA) or

2) After completing: SSC (Short Service Commission), SPSCC (Special Purpose Short Service Commission), PMA Long Course,                                                              Graduate Course & Lady Cadet Course (LCC).

Below is the complete list of Officer Rank and Pay scales For your Knowledge steps to General.

Officer Rank In Pakistan Army Jobs:

Field Marshal: 5 stars

General: 4 stars

Lieutenant General :3 stars

Major General: 2 stars

Brigadier: 1 star


Lieutenant Colonel




2nd Lieutenant

Junior Commissioned Officer Ranks:



Naib Subedar

Non – Commissioned Officer Ranks:

Battalion Havaldar Major

Battalion Quartermaster Havaldar

Company Quartermaster Major



Lance Naik


Pay scales In Pakistan Army Jobs:  

Field Marshal: BPS- Apex scale

General: BPS- Apex scale

Lieutenant General: BPS 22

Major General: BPS -21

Brigadier: BPS- 20

Colonel: BPS- 19

Lieutenant Colonel: BPS-18

Major: BPS- 18

Captain: BPS -17

Lieutenant: BPS-17

2nd Lieutenant: BPS-17

Subedar Major: BPS- 16

Subedar: BPS- 15

Naib Subedar: BPS -13 or 14

Battalion Havaldar Major: BPS-11or 9

Battalion Quartermaster Havaldar: BPS 11 or 9

Company Havaldar Major: BPS 11or 9

Company Quartermaster Havaldar: BPS-11 or 9

Havaldar: BPS- 7 or 8

Naik: BPS-7 or 6

Lance Naik: BPS- 6

Soldier: BPS-5

Join Pak Army

 Now  I,m Hope for you. you can better understand How to admit to Army. You can now access to fill the form on the official website at  or Also Pakistan.

All of this information is collected for you From which you can get an update on time.You would like this content. If you have any kind of Question? Comment it in the box. We will answer you in 5 minutes. Share this post With our Beloved Pakistan Army. so click the link Join Pak Army Jobs for apply and details visit ” Pakistan Official “



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