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Welcome to Pakistan and News
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Pakistan News Updates – Latest Live Breaking News tv of Pakistan

The official name Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country in South, West, Central and East Asia. Pakistan is the fifth-most populous country with a population exceeding 217.79 million Brave peoples.Welcome to Pakistan News with live Pakistan News tv brings Latest Breaking News tv updates on Politics, Current Affairs, Sports, Entertainment, Technology & Business News.

Welcome to Pakistan News Updates


Flag of Pakistan

The national flag was adopted in its present green&white form during a meeting of Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947, four days before its independence, Then it became the official flag of the Pakistan.

The President of Pakistan

Mamnoon Hussain is the present president.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is the present P.M .

Uniqueness of Pakistan

Among Muslim all countries. Because of the pakistan motion led by muhammad ali jinnah and the subcontinent’s war for independence, It was created in 1947 as an independent fatherland for indian muslims.[26] it’s far an ethnically and linguistically various united states, with a further diverse geography and flora and fauna. Initially a dominion, It followed a charter in 1956, becoming an I.R .

An ethnic civil conflict in 1971 resulted within the secession of east It as the brand new country of bangladesh. In 1973 It adopted a brand new charter setting up. Alongside its pre-existing parliamentary republic reputation. A federal authorities primarily based in islamabad including 4 provinces and 4 federal territories. That each one laws had been to conform to the injunctions of islam. As laid down within the quran and sunnah. A local and center strength. It has the 6th-biggest standing defense force inside.  Addition to declared nuclear-guns kingdom. Being second one in south asia and the best kingdom within the muslim world to have that popularity. It has a semi-industrialised financial system with a well-included agriculture region.

And a developing services region. The economy is the twenty fourth-largest inside the world in phrases of purchasing power and the 41st-largest in terms of nominal gdp (global bank).

Aim of the Pakistan

To get success the country peoples do there well but this thing requires time. All of the Nation Works hard

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