Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus

Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala

Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus

Introduction of The Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus: Punjab College jaranwala is the name of a trust. It is known for its quality education. Punjab Group of Colleges started in 1985 from one campus in one city. The Punjab College of Commerce was the first campus established in Lahore. Subsequently, it turned into a chain of colleges that is now the largest network of colleges in Pakistan with 282 college campuses in 77  top Cities.Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus is its one of the best Shining campus. We know Man is a social animal. He requires knowledge to live in a society. He tries to get knowledge and education in the whole life He gets knowledge from books and teachers. An Institute provides books and engages teachers for a person. So, the institute has a great effect in a man’s life. An Institute is a place where students come and achieve their goals.

An institute is a place where students do the unthinkable. It is a place where legends born. Every great man in history has got an education from a particular Institute. We know An Institute can be a school college or university. The path to the success is not a straight line. So, student passes from different stages of Institutes.

Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus:

My topic is Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus. It is a branch campus of PGC. It is situated alongside the canal. And Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus is situated at Western canal road. PGC was established in 1986 by ”Main Amir Mahmood” Jaranwala campus was established. This campus is famous in the whole Jaranwala city by done of its brilliant overall results. The campuses of Punjab are all across Punjab. It is considered as one of the famous colleges of Pakistan. The Punjab Group’s mission was to extend commerce education throughout Pakistan and to produce quality business specialists. The Group succeeded in its mission very soon. The boards and university positions proved the Group’s academic excellence. In sports and other co-curricular activities, the Group also showed its superiority.

Punjab College Jaranwala road Faisalabad contact number, Phone:  (041) 4310711

Punjab College Jaranwala road Faisalabad Map Address: Shahkot Road, Jaranwala with

Teaching staff of Punjab College Jaranwala

The staff of any institute greatly affects the performance of the college. The staff of the college is very Hard-working and loyal. A Teacher is selected for an interview and teaching style demo. If the teacher passes this demo then He/She is elected as a Teacher. All the teachers of the Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus jobs are highly qualified. They teach the students with devotion and loyalty. An experienced teacher is selected as the head of Department. The highly educated and trained academic staff and congenial learning environment are the marked features of Punjab Colleges. The teachers put their hearts and souls and take special care of the students to achieve their goals.

Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus

Assessment and test system of  Punjab College Jaranwala

The Punjab College jaranwala arranges monthly assessment and schedule test system. These tests help the students to gain knowledge about Paper Pattern and papers setting the student also test their skills in the study. This test helps the student to catch maximum marks in the annual examinations. Head of any department and all the other teachers set a proper test to check the writing skills and the ability of the student. After the completion of syllabus, schedule tests are held. These tests include chapter wise, half book and full book tests. This helps the student to complete his course and preparation before the examination thoroughly.

Infrastructure of Punjab College Jaranwala

The infrastructure of the Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus consists of the Management, Building, and Classes.

Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus
 Punjab Colleges Jaranwala

1) Management

The management of Punjab College jaranwala consists of admin office. The office consists of the Principal’s office, Registrar’s office, and admission office, ”Mr. Shahzad Niaz” is the principal of the college.  While ”Miss Ayesha” is the Vice Principal of the college ”Mr.Zulfikar” is the registrar ”Mr.Ahsan Saeed” is the Controller of Examinations of the College while ”Mr.Usman Khadim” is the discipline coordinator of the college.

2) Building

The Building of Punjab College jaranwala consists of  5 blocks in the college. 1st Block includes the admin office and the library 2nd Block consist of Intermediate boy’s campus. 3rd Block is for the Graduation classes. 4th block is the block for girl’s campus which include Intermediate and University classes while the last block consists of the high school. All these blocks comprise classes and laboratories. There are practical laboratories for students where practical of Biology, chemistry, and physics are performed. There is a library in the admin office block in which thousands of books are available for students. There is a vast ground in the front of the Boys campus block. There is a Punjab Cafe for students where many kinds of food are available for students. There are three main gates for boys, girls and high school campus.

3) Classes

The classes of Punjab College jaranwala are divided into further sections. The classrooms are big and airy. There are air conditioners in every class including fans. Every type of facility is provided to students. So that the student can enjoy the relishing classes.

The story of Glory ( Punjab College Jaranwala )

Punjab College jaranwala also has a section of ”The Story of Glory”. In this specific section, the college writes the name of bright students at a specific place. Every student admires to become part of this specific Glory.

The story of Glory


Program of school of the Punjab College Jaranwala

The education from Nursery to Metric is given in Punjab High School. This school also shows brilliant results in 5th, 8th, and Metric grades.

1) Boy campus

Punjab College jaranwala  Boy’s campus is specified for Intermediate and University level education. Intermediate education includes F.S.c(Medical and Non-Medical), F.A(IT), I.com and I.C.S. While university level education includes B.Com, ADP, B.S(Math, English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry), B.S.c(Math’s, Physics, Biology, Chemistry) and M.A(English). These programs are available for students. So, that they can show their talents in their proper fields.

2) Girl’s campus

Punjab College jaranwala  Girl’s campus is separated from the Punjab College jaranwala  Boy’s campus. It is also specified for all above-mentioned programs.

Co-curricular activities of  Punjab College Jaranwala

Punjab College jaranwala also raises the spirits and excitement of the students by arranging co-curricular activities. These activities include sports, fun fair and Mahafils students show their specific talents through extra co-curricular activities. This helps the students to become sharper and stronger. These activities are arranged inside the college and also governmental playground according to requirements.Co-curricular activities are an integral part of education as they develop a healthy sense of competition and impart higher values. Punjab Colleges provide many such activities apart from the traditional welcome and farewell functions. Students enjoy musical functions, mushairas, debating contests, dramas, quiz programmes, study and recreational tours across Pakistan. Our students have participated in different competitions abroad.

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