Role of Teacher and Student in Education and in Learning Process

Role of Teacher and Student in Education

The Role of Teacher has a central position in every system of the world. The educational objectives and activities are useless until the teacher animates them with the charm of his personality. Without him, The vast and spacious buildings, comprehensive curriculum, old and new teaching methods, laboratories and costly audio-visual aids are useless. The teacher makes education meaningful and useful. He awakens the hidden faculties of children and develops them. Islam gives a Teacher and honorable status. If we wish to separate education, we shall have to increase the number of trained teachers. Because the role of the teacher is very important in Learning Process.

”Role of Teacher and Student in Education”

Good Student Qualities:

It is true that it is difficult to be an ideal student but it is not impossible. Nothing remains difficult if the knowledge of the role of life and psyche of man is achieved. An ideal student is one would never ignore his aim. The good student pays full attention to his studies. Good student maintains discipline. He makes a timetable and acts upon it. Good student spares time for recreation and takes interest in domestic activities.

Poor student: (Bad student Habits)

Knowledge the great wealth. We can achieve it only by hard work. But, it is a matter of sorrow that some students waste time throughout the year. The poor student does not take interest in their education. The poor student uses unfair means to get through the examination. This is the very bad habit. They who shirk work, do not succeed.

We should work hard. We should not waste our time at all. Hard work is the key to success. Our religion also advised us to acquire knowledge. It is obligatory on every Muslim to acquire knowledge.

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